Obs frozen screen

You can capture the footage from any window on your computer and include it in your stream broadcast. Some have also said that they have experienced the problem when trying to record or stream footage of their games. The issue means that when OBS users go to start streaming on Twitch, there are large black blocks in their broadcasts.

A screenshot of the black capture window issue shows how one OBS user ran into the problem when trying to capture footage from a Chrome window, in order to display their Twitch alerts. You will have to fix the problem and make OBS capture the footage in your windows properly so that you can broadcast professional, good-looking streams.

There are several reasons why OBS is unable to run a capture window properly and why the footage from the window is being displayed as black.

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The content of their tabs just refuses to show up and is replaced by a black screen. Chrome is a very intensive piece of software and Google uses a feature called hardware acceleration to make the most of your hardware and help Chrome to run properly.

By doing this, it frees up the CPU of your computer to handle other tasks. Disabling hardware acceleration takes just a handful of clicks. Click the three horizontal dots in the right-hand corner of Chrome to open the menu. Try using window capture on Chrome to see if the issue has been fixed. OBS users may also experience the capture window black issue when trying to capture gameplay footage.

Game Mode is designed to improve the process of your computer when playing games. Although it is a useful feature, many streamers have reported that it interferes with their broadcasts. Game Mode may also be the reason for the OBS capture window black issue. Then, restart your computer to make sure the changes have been performed and OBS will no longer be affected by it.

Another solution that may work, is if you tell OBS to capture the gameplay footage with the Game Capture option, not the Window Capture option. Game Capture is designed for capturing gameplay footage and is recommended. Running a program as an administrator in Windows 10 is a standard process.

Capturing window footage is just one awesome feature that you get from OBS Studio, but why not take it to the next level?

StreamElements OBS. Live is an add-on not an OBS alternative or a fork that supercharges your streaming by adding lots of helpful features:. Media Request, to let your viewers suggest YouTube videos to play during your stream.

For more help with streaming or using OBS. Live, message us on social media and join our fun and friendly Discord community. YouTube Subscribe to our YouTube channel for helpful video tutorials going over the basics, features, and news on upcoming, or new features.

StreamElements is always working hard to make streaming better for YOU. Articles OBS.I was excitedly using it and everything was going well until yesterday.

I was unable to use my iPhone 8. The home screen of my iPhone would not response when I tap or swipe the screen. It seems the home screen freezes. The strange thing is that I can access the Control Center but no app can be opened. Do you have any idea why my iPhone 8 home screen is frozen?

Please help! We can understand how irritating this is when the screen becomes unresponsive and you become unable to operate your iPhone properly. The irritation doubles when the device is brand new specially when you bought just a while ago and didn't get much time to enjoy its new features and functions.

If you are fed up with unresponsive home screen problem with your iPhone 8, don't worry, simply performing a hard reset may solve the issue or if the issue is different, we have got some other solutions for you. Let's figure out how you can solve it. As we said, forcing restart will be the first choice we will try to get rid of this iPhone 8 home screen frozen issue.

For iPhone 8, the steps for hard reset are not similar to what we used to perform with the other versions of iPhone. Here, you need to do the following steps:. This is what how to hard reset your iPhone 8. Now, check if still the iPhone 8 home screen becomes responsive or not. If the screen is still frozen and giving hard time in responding, it could be a software glitch. To resolve this software issue that is triggering and making the iPhone 8 home screen unresponsive, we would suggest you to make use of iMyFone D-Back which is can fix various iOS problem with no data loss through its "Fix iOS System" feature.

The tool is completely safe to use and is recommended by unlimited users and renowned media sites.


You can go along with the steps coming on the screen for the same. Step 3 — The program will recognize your device and will provide you latest firmware itself on your click on "Download" button. Step 4 — After downloading the suitable firmware, click on "Start to Fix" option and let the issue get fixed with the program.

That will reinstall iOS on your computer completely. All the data and settings on your device will be erased in this way. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to perform this method.

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If unfortunately, you didn't get to any positive result, the last option that we would recommend you is to replace the device if it is under warranty. There is no point keeping the unhealthy device to you. Just run to the store and get your iPhone replaced with the new one. That's all about fixing iPhone 8 home screen frozen issue. We can understand the pain when we get the new iPhone with great excitement and find some problem with it. This is intolerable. Therefore, we presented some easy fixes that you can try to get your iPhone 8 home screen back to normal at home.

We hope that we were able to provide you what you wanted and you are happy with the results. Product-related questions? Check Fix Here. Rated successfully!A subreddit dedicated to learning about creating Let's Plays, made by redditors for redditors!

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Let's Play Sometimes called Learn to play : One or more people that record themselves playing video games through screenshots or captured video Mostly the latter. This can be any game, from Hunie Pop to Fallout 4. Some also explain gameplay, easter eggs, and general trivia pertaining to the game being played.

Check out our WIKI for the most useful information we could find. This database contains a list of developers that allow videos of their games to be monetized on YouTube. OBS recording freezing self. I'm starting a Sims 4 series, and so far it's been a nightmare. After I got that sorted, I thought it was all good and recorded for over an hour. That was a dumb move. While the game audio and my separate mic audio in Audacity turned out perfect, the video 'sticks' at one frame at some points in the footage, getting gradually worse throughout the video, until the last 15 minutes is just audio over one still image.

Not ideal. I'll be able to salvage some of this, as I'm doing a more highlights-style series than a full playthrough, but some good moments were lost. Although my computer is way above the game's system requirements, this is by far the most modern game I've recorded, so I thought maybe the game and recording was just too much for it at the highest graphics settings, so turned all the game's settings down a bit and tried a shorter recording.

I got 5 minutes of stopping-starting video then 15 completely still, again with perfect audio.

iPhone 8 Home Screen Frozen? Check Fix Here

What can I do to fix this? The graphics settings are mostly at medium, should I lower them further? Any OBS settings I should be looking at? Any other ideas?? Are you using the right vertion of OBS for your computer? It works great with every other game I've tried, though they have been much older.

Solved-ish - because I hate finding threads where people have the same issue as me and don't say what helped! I turned all graphics settings to medium, enabled vertical sync, and recorded in p instead of p, and my quick 15 min test recording turned out fine.

Well, fine as in no freezing! Unfortunately, reducing the resolution and the graphics settings did make it look a lot lower quality, but for now it'll have to do. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.I recently got upgraded from Australia tier internet so now I can stream. I was doing a couple of tests a few days ago and eventually got everything working how I wanted it.

I play games at p and window capture only captures a quarter of the screen if you stream at p my PC can't handle p without massive stutter so I was using game capture. I went to have dinner and when I came back, game capture went from capturing the whole screen to just a black screen.

I've reinstalled, rolled back to earlier versions and made new scenes and sources multiple times, all to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have no clue what could have changed with my settings as I was eating dinner away from my computer and my cat doesn't know how to operate a computer so either my house is haunted or my computer is sentient and wants to screw with me or something.

If your game is on full screen, try putting it on windowed mode if it isn't already. Game Capture typically has issues with fullscreen. Also, I'm assuming you know this already but just in case, if you add TF2 as a source, if will continue showing a black screen until you tab into the game. I've been playing in windowed mode the whole time. When I had it working I didn't have it as a global source either. I probably should've mentioned this but when I tab back into the game the menu is frozen in the state it was when I tabbed out, but when I hover over things with my cursor or click things I still hear sounds but nothing changes on the menu.

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If I stream before launching the game, it crashes on the main menu as well. Would you happen to be playing on a laptop? Last I checked when I was experiencing the same problem OBS' game capture would only output a black screen on them. I'm soo late but i might help someone having the same problem. All I did to fix it was to go to my sources and pick the one recording Team Fortress 2 and use the red border lines to drag the screen to where I want it to show which was full screen.

The Compound 1 Fully Charged! EU vs. The Gay Jail 1.You may have read various online forums on OBS black screen, but nothing actually works.

obs frozen screen

It does not matter what mode you select for the recording window out of options like Display, Window, or Game Capture; you cannot go ahead of the OBS studio black screen.

This recording tool is available for free on the internet. As its name suggests, it is an open-source tool that lacks stability, security, and support service. However, there are different ways to resolve the issue of the OBS studio black screen. Here, we are going to talk about some of the interesting ways to perform this task. On the other hand, it is best to get rid of the tool altogether.

Both of these Screen Recorder for iOS 10 tools are secure, powerful, and stable when it comes to the recording screen. These tools even offer customer service support. As you know, modern laptops come with more than one GPU to ensure power saving and better performance.

Apart from the main integrated GPU, there is another discrete GPU, which is even known as a dedicated card or separate card. Generally, the system runs low-power applications such as browsers on the incorporated GPU and intensive-powered applications such as games on the discrete GPU to save power and attain better performance. In addition, here is the detailed ShadowPlay vs.

In the first place, you have to make sure that OBS is not running. If running, close the application. Before that, you have to select the extension path.

Using this method, you can select the high-performance processor for the OBS app. Otherwise, one can even set the high-performance processor for all applications.

However, it will consume more power. To set the discrete GPU for all apps, follow the steps as:. At times, the OBS black screen appears due to compatibility issues. If you are facing the problem on Windows 10, you can manage it by handling properties.

It is another method to fix the OBS studio black screen. Here, you have to run this program as an administrator. It aims to make use of all functions of OBS.

How to Fix OBS Black Screen in Display/Game Capture

So, take a look at the following steps to run it as an administrator. From there, you have to locate the. After finding the. In case, you are still struggling with the OBS studio black screen; the most effective and easy way is to look for an alternative to OBS. Aiseesoft is a wonderful screen recorder that comes with very powerful features.

Its comprehensible interface makes it a lot easier to use. This tool is more stable than OBS, where it does not black-out for no cause.

It works as a great alternative to record live videos, gameplay, and screen actions on Mac or Windows PC.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter ProblyStoned Start date Nov 5, ProblyStoned New Member. Basically what I'm looking to accomplish is the "to be continued" or "we'll be right back" memes to activate live on stream.

I'm currently using a scene with a virtual cam display which will capture the previous scenes still. However, over a few seconds, it begins to warp that image.

I would like to be able to trigger these events without the image in the background getting warped or skewed without me specifically doing so. I know its tricky, but I also know its possible as I've seen another streamer do it, I just can't seem to figure it out.

I've also though about using the instant replay option, however, that plugin only works per scene, so I would need to make a new scene for every scene I'd want to activate the meme on, which I don't want to do. Please shoot me any questions you guys may have!

How to Set or Add Stream Delay in Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio - Setup Guide

If I understand you correctly, in a technical sense you want to freeze the active scene, let the frozen frame remain as still image and overlay some text, image or animation to it?

Thank you so much for your reply! Unfortunately, that's what I was referring to above. I would like to be able to activate that from ANY scene, and when you use that plugin, it requires you to add a source scene as opposed to all of the scenes from what I've been seeing :.

You can use 'Replay Buffer', add plugin 'Directory watch media' Add Replay scene with 'Media Source', in Filter add 'Directory watch media', select directory with video folder. Replay Buffer always save active scene, 'Directory watch media' load last save file, option 'Show nothing when playback ends' freze last picture after play video.

So unfortunately that didn't work out for me.

obs frozen screen

I'm getting closer, but I'm still running into a couple of issues. The first version I'm using is the 'virtual cam' route. This has been sort of working but it also has its problems. First, its not a smooth pause and causes a small hiccup not that big of a deal. Second, it will only record from a specific source, so I cannot activate it from any scene.

This would mean having to setup MANY different scenes just to be able to activate the meme from wherever. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more….At the time there was no information on the internet, but I figured out the problem.

So if you are experiencing the same problem here's the solution. Either of the options above should resolve the OBS black screen.

obs frozen screen

However, if the problem still persists, you may want to try alternative software that has a game capture feature such as Wondershare Filmora scrn.

There are loads of recording services available online, but the stand-out screen capture software is Wondershare Filmora scrn. If you want high-impact results from your video recording software, Wondershare Filmora scrn is the real deal. What makes Filmora scrn stand out is the wealth of features. You can record and edit your video footage with this 2-in-1 screen recording software. You can record from your webcam and your computer at the same time, adjust the frame to record part of your screen or the full screen and add annotations or other elements.

Not only that, but the software also has a full editing suite so you can edit clips using a wide range of tools. Recording videos on Wondershare Filmora scrn is easy.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below:. Filmora scrn is a screen recorder with video editing tools but if you want to add more cool effects, filters, transition, and titles and texts to the recorded videos with a much more professional video editing software, we recommend you try Wondershare Filmora9.

Filmora Scrn. Liza Brown. Try It Free For Win 7 or later bit. Secure Download. Other Recommend Products. Liza Brown chief Editor.

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